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Help the people at Network who have special needs thrive.

Day Support

We offer two day programs, in Andover and Dayville, as well as an In-Home Day Program. Our day programs offer countless activities that are:
  • Educational, Creative, and Cultural<
  • Recreational
  • Volunteer
  • Sensory-related

Individuals in our day programs take advantage of activities that are tailored to their needs and highlight their strengths.

Educational & Creative: We are committed to each participant’s educational and creative growth. We offer educational and creative activities on a variety of levels based on an individual’s functioning level.

These include:
Gardening  Literacy skills  Financial Literacy Skills  Computer Skills
Vocational Skills Memory Skills Artistic & Musical Expression Baking

In addition, participants learn about historical and cultural themes they help choose. Finally, they take regular outings to places like the library and local museums, and have been to the Connecticut Science Center, the Nathan Hale Homestead, and the Mashantucket Pequot Museum.


Health and wellness includes getting “out and about,” and at Network, we make this a priority.  Participants take advantage of multiple local recreational activities such as going to dairy barns and farms, going on fruit-picking excursions, going bowling and to the arcade, taking part in horticultural activities run by a local master gardener or playing basketball and cycling on the recumbent bike on Network grounds.

There is definitely a spirit of community giving kept alive in our day programs.  Andover Day Program participants do janitorial work at the Channel 3 Kids Camp.  They also donate their home-baked dog treats to the CT Humane Society.  In Dayville, participants volunteer weekly at a food pantry and collect canned goods around the holidays.

Our Dayville program has a stimulation room to offer participants ways to heighten their sensory experiences or help them relax.  This room contains meditation CD’s, lava lamps, dimmed lighting, calming colors, and scents like potpourri, creating a variety of tactile, visual, and olfactory sensations.  Andover’s sensory room is completed. Its contents will include a projector that shows cartridges producing different colors and sensations, an aromatherapy infuser, a 200 strand wall-mounted fiber optic light, and a soothing bubble tube with mirrors to enhance its relaxation effect.

In-Home Day Program

Our In-Home Day Program includes a wide range of individuals and offers many of the components described in the day support options about.  The individuals in this program may have needs that cannot be accommodated in a traditional day support option, whether they be behavioral, age-related, or related to conditions like deafness or blindness.