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Faces of Network, Inc.

Sam Ricciardi

President, Board of Directors

James Keenan

Vice President, Board of Directors

Susan Pearson

Executive Director
(860) 742-1313, ext. 55447

I completed coursework at Manchester Community College in Human Services and Business. While it was useful, on the job learning was far more beneficial. I have worked in multiple capacities in this field for 28 years, learning the business from the bottom-up. Hands-on experience with the people we serve is without a doubt the best foundation to running a successful agency. Over my career, I have observed both the negative and the positive aspects of this industry, and I always return to the fact that keeping the people we serve in the forefront of my mind will benefit me personally and the agency as a whole. The people served have taught me life lessons that “normal” people could never come close to teaching me. Through the years, I’ve enjoyed watching the people we serve learn and grow in many different ways.  I’ve worked with people with special needs across the spectrum and everyone has something very special to offer if you choose to pay close enough attention. The people we serve are my number one priority. The dedicated direct care staff, program managers, our great nursing and behavioral teams, program directors, managers, and agency administrative staff all strive to provide quality and caring supports. Without this great team there would be no agency.


Maggie Beglinger

Associate Executive Director

I earned my MBA at the University of New Haven and completed my undergraduate work at Albertus Magnus College earning a BS in Business Management. I’ve been working in non-profit fiscal administration for over 20 years and have been with Network since 2007. I enjoy working with the dedicated and professional fiscal, administrative and clinical team at Network. It’s a pleasure to work in an environment where the culture of the agency is centered on the commitment to meet the needs of the people we serve. In addition to my fiscal administration duties here, my main challenge is complying with the ever changing regulatory requirements from the State and Federal agencies.


William Valentine

(860) 742-1313 ext. 55452

I completed my MBA at the University of Chicago and I have an Accounting degree from Fordham University in the Bronx, NY. I started my non-profit career in 2013 after working in the financial industry for over 30 years. To help with my transition to the non-profit sector, I completed the Encore!Hartford fellowship program at UCONN Department of Public Policy. In addition to fiscal management roles I have been a fundraiser and administrator in the non-profit sector. Since my entry into the health and human services field I have found that I get great personal satisfaction from supporting the folks that deliver care to the people we serve. I joined Network in January, 2021 and am very happy to be a part of this very dedicated and talented team. I am looking forward to the challenge of managing the financial aspects of the agency and making sure that we are fiscally strong. Day-to-day oversight of the financial processes, supporting our Program Administration and Management while also supporting strategic initiatives are the key objectives for me in my role as Chief Financial Officer.


John Gustafson, M.A.

(860) 742-1313, ext. 55461

John is a School Psychologist, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Behaviorist. He earned a BA in Psychology from Central Connecticut State University, a Master’s in Experimental Psychology (Neuroscience option) from the University of Hartford, and a Master’s & 6th year certificate in School Psychology from the University of Connecticut. Graduate coursework focused on counseling and applied behavior analysis. He has been providing behavioral supports to children/adults w/developmental and psychiatric disorders in a variety of settings for over 30 years. For several years John also served as a mental health emergency response clinician to local hospitals. He has served as Behaviorist at Network since 1990. John heads Network’s behavioral department whose overriding goal is to enhance the quality of life for individuals with behavioral and developmental disorders. This is accomplished through the use of evidence-based behavioral practices (Applied Behavior Analysis) anchored in positive behavioral supports. General goals include: reducing undesirable behaviors while increasing alternative positive behaviors, teaching functional communication skills, increasing prosocial behaviors/skills, improving social skills, and increasing independence. John derives a great deal of satisfaction working to improve the lives of others presenting with significant behavioral needs. This process is often complex and challenging, though it is entirely rewarding.


Bonnie Steele

Director of Programs
(860) 742-1313, ext. 55444

My education and experience in this field has been “hands-on” and from the ground up. Whether it be following resident routines, cooking, shopping, assisting with hygiene, applying restraints, assisting with documentation, or taking residents on outings, every day was a learning experience.  I began as a relief worker going on to jobs with in-depth client contact and finally those with increasingly responsible administrative duties to my current position as Director of Programs. I have been at Network for over twenty years.  From my perspective, the reward in hands-on work is seeing someone succeed at something he or she had been trying to learn; even if it takes years, is an amazing feat!  As a Program Director, when visiting residential homes, I can see the progress residents are making that staff maybe don’t have the outside perspective to perceive, showing them how their hard work and dedication makes a difference.  Network has always set itself aside because we are willing to work with individuals who have challenging behavioral issues.  A lot of hard work and dedication from the staff combined with a therapeutic behavioral approach enable our residents to live a much happier and productive life.


Mickie Bettencourt

Director of Programs
(860) 742-1313, ext. 55401

I started my career in the medical/social service field in 1998 as a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant and a Nurse’s Aide with a passion for attending to and advocating for individuals in need. I came to Network Inc. in 2004 with a personal goal to advance my career. I began working here part time as an Educational Instructor. With a strong work ethic, natural leadership qualities and the ambition of lifelong learning, I have since performed in several capacities within the agency. In 2009 I was given the opportunity to become a Program Director. My experiences and positions held within the agency and prior enables me to view situations from multiple perspectives. The model I strive to exemplify and to teach others is to continue to attain personal growth and improvement.


Jeremy Polito

Director of Programs
(860) 742-1313, ext. 55457

I've worked in the human services field for over 11 years. During that time, I've held numerous positions and used each one as a learning tool to expand my knowledge and skill set. I've done office/administration duties, direct care, worked in a day program setting, have managed multiple group homes and now working in the capacity as a Program Director here at Network Inc. I've found that by working with the individuals we serve, it has motivated me to work harder, it's increased my patience, made me more compassionate, helped me become a strong advocate for those in need and has made me into a better person overall. Everyday I'm thankful for being blessed with a job where I get the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of the individuals we serve, and in the world!


Kimberly Taute

Human Resource Director
(860) 742-1313, ext. 55418

I graduated with a B.A. in Sociology from Eastern Connecticut State University.  Before coming to Network, I completed two internships, both in Probation Offices.  Helping to manage caseloads as well as performing interviews helped prepare me to interview candidates here at Network, as did the acquisition of other office skills.  I have been at Network since 2009, both as Human Resources Assistant, Payroll Assistant, and Human Resources Director.   What I like most about Network is to see the day program participants when they are happy and excited.  It is nice to see what they create with the activity of the week or of the month.  I am happy when a participant comes upstairs to see me, or when I get a chance to go visit the day program.  I want to continue to support Network’s mission, both as an individual, and as a team member.


Kristy Rogers

IHS Program Director

I graduated from UConn with a Bachelor's degree of Science in Human Development and Family Studies. I began working for Network, Inc. in 2004 as an Educational Instructor. I worked my way up to Assistant Manager for one of our CLA's and then to Manager for our IHS Program. From there, we have grown our IHS program to more than triple the size from where we started. We have expanded the program so vastly that we were able to acquire our own office space and hire a full time manager for the program at which time I became the Program Director. It gives me such great joy to know that we are assisting individuals who really need our help. We strive to provide optimal supports and services to our participants and hope to continue to grow in the future.