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Individual Needs. . . Family Atmosphere. . . Community-Based

Network’s fourteen residential homes are located in Amston, Ashford, Coventry, Danielson, Dayville, Ellington, Manchester, Marlborough, Tolland, and Willimantic.  Every home has its own character depending on its residents and staff.  All staff and residents have close-knit bonds, reflecting their meaningful daily interactions.

Individual Needs

The staff at each residential site respond to the personal, social, and physical needs of each resident.  The resident may go to a day program, or may be an appropriate person for an individualized day program.  All residents’ daily needs are attended to by staff: they assist with hygiene, administer medication, prepare and serve high-quality meals in accordance with dietary restrictions, as well as helping clients meet their goals, behavioral, or personal.   Residents are encouraged to express their individuality creatively, whether it be painting a mural in their room with staff assistance, decorating it to reflect their personality, or engaging in their favorite hobbies like crossword puzzles or knitting.

Family Atmosphere

Residents and staff take outings any family would enjoy—going to baseball games, to the circus, out for ice cream, or to agency-wide gatherings like the company picnic or a seasonal event like our Boo Bash.  They also enjoy communal meals, and celebrate birthdays, holidays, and cultural events at home, which heightens everyone’s sense of connectedness.  All these activities enrich and enhance relationships and give everyone a sense of belonging.


Network homes are situated in community neighborhoods—a neighbor’s daughter who is a Girl Scout Troop once had all her friends make blankets for the residents of one of our homes.  Our residential sites offer access to shopping, transportation, and recreational and day program opportunities.