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Help the people at Network who have special needs thrive.

Who Are We

Network, Inc. Mission Statement
Enriching the lives of people who have a disability in the spirit of caring, dignity, respect, and independence.

Our Philosophy

Network, Inc. has been serving people who have developmental and physical disabilities since 1991.  Network staff partner with these individuals so that they may thrive as valued and respected members of the community.  Network’s tailored services treat the individual as a whole person, addressing his or her physical, emotional, educational, and social needs.  We teach everything from hygiene to financial literacy.  The individuals in our programs learn not only basic life skills, but how to live to their full potential and achieve their dreams.

Whether it be residential, day services, employment services, or community support, Network provides an invaluable atmosphere where staff and people who have disabilities interact as a family.

Our deeply committed staff accompany people with developmental disabilities on their journey, celebrating their strengths and responding compassionately to their needs as we all build relationships, foster community, and affirm life.